Tour Revised

The touring band, here by referred to as band X, made some very larger errors in their spending. With a tour budget ending nearly six grand in the drain you may think that they had high production costs, aiming to gain new fans with a fantastic show or discounted tickets, agin aiming to gain fans. However neither of these things are true. Band X spent two thousand dollars on a van rental. Now this is a fourteen day tour, but for two grand, it would have been smarter to buy a van, create an investment not a bill. Band X also gave them selves ten thousand dollars profit, this is their hand to face move. If they had not paid themselves like a well developed band, blatantly not the case, they would have come out at the end with five thousand dollars true profit. Thats including the van rental. You can’t pay your self with non-existent money, not financially viable in any way. On the other side of things band X made three thousand on merch. Now your looking at five thousand profit from the tour, and three grand in merch money, so eight large total. Save half of that and the band splits the other four grand, thats your break even tour with a simple reevaluation.

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