Announcing Moon3D

Feb 17 · 3 min read

Hello Captain, Welcome to Moon3D!

Our team at Moon3D is proud to announce the beta launch of the world’s most exciting, provably fair Ethereum Crash Game.

We are focused on prioritizing our users to deliver a fun gaming experience. We offer promotions for new players, so we encourage you to follow us on Discord, participate in our community, and share the game!

What is a Crash Game?

Every round, the multiplier starts at 1x and starts growing exponentially!

As a player, your mission is to take your ETH to the moon. Follow your rocket all the way through the cosmos from the galaxies of Nyan territory to the moon. If you are lucky, you might bump into Vitalik on his journey to the moon as well!

The rules are simple:

  1. Fuel your rocket 🚀 with some Ether by placing a bet before each round.
  2. Once the round starts, watch the multiplier grow from 1x to infinity.
  3. Cash out before the rocket crashes (randomly each round) to win your bet multiplied by that multiplier.
  4. But beware! If the rocket crashes before you cash out, you’ll lose your bet.

Quick Example: If you bet 1 ETH and successfully cash out at 2x in that round, you win 2 ETH. If the rocket crashes earlier, you lose 1 ETH.

Is the crash random? Is the game provably fair?

Yes and Yes.

Each crash point is randomly generated by a hash chain whose seed itself was randomly generated. Once created, the hash chain and the crash points cannot be tampered with by anyone. You can verify that each random crash point belongs to the Moon3D hash chain, by inputting any game hash here.

Key Features of Moon3D

  1. Fast and dynamic gameplay — Each round happens quickly, which is why you can play the game as dynamically as possible. Would you cash out now, in 1 second, in 0.1 second, or in 0.01 second? It’s the thrill!
  2. Round bonus system — Players can compete over the round bonus pool to beat the House Edge! The last three players to cash out in each round are awarded a round bonus. This round bonus pool holds 1% of all wagers made in that round.
  3. Referral bonus system — Refer your friends, and earn a 15% Profit Share on that player forever. Share the fun!
  4. Futuristic UI (and constantly improving!) — Our UI upgrade is coming very soon, so please stay tuned!

Why We Built the Game

Our team has been fascinated by crypto and gaming for years. We realised that there were a lot of issues on the gaming side: most games were downright scams. On the crypto side, we noticed crypto games lacked great user experiences (i.e. too many boring dice and slots games). As a result of our findings, we set out to build Moon3D.

In the near future, Moon3D will enable players to use 100+ cryptocurrencies on the platform. More importantly, we plan to support new exciting graphs that have never been seen before!

Want to re-experience the ICO market in 10 seconds?

Now, go chase the moon at Moon3D! :)

P.S. Join our community on Discord for more games and prizes!

Disclaimers: All players must abide by the existing laws and regulations of their given jurisdiction. No U.S. or Chinese players. All players must be 18 or older. Operating under Costa Rican license.


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The world’s most exciting, provably fair Ethereum crash game for multiplayers.

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