Chasing Dreams

They always told me to follow my dreams, and that anything could be achieved if you did everything in your power to make it happen. In my case, they were totally right. My high school crush has been by my side for fifty years now and we’re still going strong. How did this happen you wonder? Let’s flash back to my senior year.

My dreams were him. His soft brown hair, the way his eyes twinkle when he smiles, his beautiful, sharp nose, and the way it crinkled when he saw my letters. We had never had an actual conversation, but I was sure our love wasn’t just one sided. Even so, I was still a shy soul, and I would always dream of mustering the courage to actually talk to him.

Every morning, I would slip a love letter into his locker and he would read it, and toss it into the recycling bin. The fact he didn’t keep the letters bothered me a little, but I was sure that one day, my letters would be with him forever.

In our senior year, there was a school dance on Valentine’s day, and I was elated. There was school that day so I wore my favourite dress, put on some makeup, and left the house with a box of chocolates under my arm. It was the most beautiful feeling I had ever experienced. I had rehearsed what I was going to say to him for 5 hours the day prior to the dance, and every single word sent euphoria throughout my body. It was going to be the day he finally met me in the flesh, and I was sure he would be just as delighted as I felt. That morning, he wasn’t at his locker, so I assumed he was running late. Later, I noticed he wasn’t in class during first block, so I quietly exited the classroom to find him.

Cold shivers shot down my spine when I saw him in the back seat of his car after school in the parking lot. “Maria”, he whispered as he combed his fingers through her disgusting, feces-colored hair. Eventually it reached a point where I could no longer watch, and I darted out of the parking lot with hot tears blurring my vision.

The moment I got home, I tore open the box of chocolates, and decided to make a few adjustments to the contents of the said box. I then rewrapped the chocolates and tied it up with a bow so they were presentable. Before I finished, I scribbled “Love Maria” on a post-it note and stuck it on the package. Upon returning to school, I taped it to his locker.

If they won’t make it easy for you to get what you want, it just means you’ll have to resort to other methods. I had him all to myself, and fifty years later I could still touch the same soft brown hair, and run my finger down the bridge of his nose. After all these years, the slight trace of bitter almond remained on his lips.

Follow your dreams.