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My Heart carries both: The paths I look and the paths that I never traveled, making me whole

Old lanes of my forgotten village adoring my bare little feet
Midnight walks with girlfriends in the empty lanes of locked homes

Nostalgia brews in my breath as I remember the lost fragments of a little less lived childhood

Loss of words for the many feelings that my eyes showed and the lips never said to the shy young boy of my teenage life

Murmur of sweat on my virgin skin that lay bare under the florescence lights.

Half-lived stories that still continue to find an end on a still wall

Drowned dreams wide awake in the eyes of the my young self resting at the floor of frozen…

The inner muscle of Trust and Resilience…

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Desert sand sits still under the Virgo Full Moon & I wondered what the stardust ignites tonight.

The old tree with the cemented trunk speaks through hissing leaves & I saw many skeletons of my stories charred in the bonfire crystals every night.

Falling waters from the skies amusing itself at the humans ability to self-organise while the rainbow in the skies filled our inner child with delight.

Corona Virus threat was alive, the cries and voices from Delhi met us in silent echoes inside.

The times are poignant, the earth is shifting, consciousness is rising, calling us to be alive, step-up, step-in, be available in our brokenness and fullness to the beckons of our crucial times. …

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Inviting magic & mystery

Questions are powerful. They ignite: Curiosity, exploration of possibilities, creative thinking, reflective dialogue, shift perspectives, and guide us into the unknown.

The ability of engaging with questions in a manner to harness the underlying wisdom and bring it to the surface is an Art and a Practice.

Personally, I was terrified of questions, I never liked being constantly hounded with questions, they made be run for life. My conditioning of viewing questions as a command to produce answers that are right and as quick as possible kept me away from any possibility of exploring questions. But as a turn of fate, a dear friend, Melinda, hosted a lovely game at our place designed with questions, played with questions and people sitting in a circle, listening with care, attention and intent, sharing with open hearts, and love filled eyes. …



Word Weaver, Iyengar-Yoga Practitioner, Body-Centered Worker, Circle Facilitator & Flow Host. My work sprouts through organic rhythms of body, earth & nature.

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