Define me

If you were so perfect, this wouldn’t be so fun.

Definition of perfect: having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be.

It can be said or believed that one thing in your life that is shining ever so bright, is defined as perfect… although is it really?

We perceive and judge our opinions based off of what makes us happy. As an individual the activities and personalities that spark our adrenaline, edging a smile from ear to ear are solely created alone.

Seeing someone “as good as it is possible to be” can be mind boggling. It is hard to pick out the bad, when all you are shown is good. What makes life more interesting is that we are not here today to be perfect, we are here to be ourselves. Pushing and shoving for approval left and right, becoming insolent with those who stop you in your tracks.

Realize that perfection exists in ways that cannot be explained. Make fun of seeing another as perfect, but also know that their imperfections can be perfect too.

Just know my dear; if you were so perfect, this wouldn’t be so fun.


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