Concrete & Grass Music Festival Shanghai

Concrete & Grass music festival, formerly known as Echo Park music festival, is a famous brand in Chinese music festival. Can you still remember last year? Welcome to a place less ordinary! If you are a music lover and like to be unique, Concrete & Grass music festival Shanghai is the right one for you and you can meet so many famous singers and bands at one time! Does it sound value-added?

Noise-meisters, Party-starters, Legends. Hit-makers, Hip-shakers, Renegades of Funk. Beasties and humanoids alike. 60 artists across 4 stages.

The full lineup for Concrete & Grass 2016 has everything from flamboyant J-rock and Cantonese hip-hop to big-bass Bollywood and American slacker rock. It’s the best of China and the world, compressed into two remarkable days of music.

International Acts:
(in alphabetical order)

Muscular math-rock, wound-up to maximum intensity.

Aisha Devi (CH)
Enigmatic dance noir — warped pop mantras rooted in deep spirituality.

The Algorithm (FR)
A fiery mix of EDM and metal, like the soundtrack to a demented videogame.

A$AP Ferg (US)
Bringin’ the swag. Lord of the wordplay. Pope of the ‘hood. Skills, thrills and grills.

Benjamin Francis Leftwich (UK)
Intimate, delicate love songs for a warm Shanghai afternoon.

Ben UFO (UK) 
Contemporary dance music’s most daring, razor-sharp and wide-ranging DJ.

Brenmar (US)
Shoulder-shuffling, soothing R&B meets lush, high-tempo club music.

Bullion (UK)
Chillwave’s new torch-bearer — wistful, danceable and utterly irresistible.

DJ Craze (US)
Champion turntablist. Scratch showman. One of the world’s most entertaining DJs.

The Cribs (UK)
The UK’s cult indie-rock godfathers. The patron saints of power pop, writing timeless, roaring songs.

Die! Die! Die! (NZ)
New Zealand’s real finest export: raw, untamed and LOUD noise punk.

DJ Premier (US)
Legendary beatmaker, trailblazing DJ. The elder statesman of classic hip-hop.

Drunken Tiger x Yoonmirae (KR)
Two Korean hip-hop legends, one spectacular K-pop party.

Father (US)
Smooth, fresh alternative hip hop with an unapologetic penchant for debauchery.

Future (FR)
Icy, precise, gothic “Cold Wave”. Glacial guitars sculpted with surgical steel.

The Go! Team (UK)
Towering pop magnificence. A psychedelic dynamite festival dance party.

An electro-industrial powerhouse, playing battle-ready cyborg rave jams.

Hobbes (UK)
Future-retro grooves and soul/dance picks from a DJ who misses no musical pigeonhole.

In Each Hand A Cutlass (SG)
Stylish instrumental prog-rock from sunny Singapore that’ll shiver yer timbers.

Jambinai (KR)
What ‘world music’ should sound like: a searing blend of drone, metal and Korean instruments.

Jessica Care Moore (US)
Inspirational, powerful spoken word poetry given an electric jazz makeover.

Kingston Rudieska (KR)
The festival’s old favourites, playing sunny ska jazz from South Korea.

Little Simz (UK)
A UK Hip-Hop prodigy, with rapid-fire delivery and astonishing imagination.

Machinedrum (US)
Electronic music’s Renaissance Man, playing RnB, hiphop, footwork, bass, dancehall and the kitchen sink.

Miyavi (JP)
Japan’s enigmatic ‘samurai guitarist’, playing flamboyant, theatric J-Rock.

Nucleya (IN)
Epic Big Bass Bollywood, mixed with style and swagger.

Shadowy, experimental, electronic post-rock. Melodic and foreboding.

Rag n’ Bone (AU)
Rough-and-ready skeletal garage punk — tense and cathartic.

Rone (FR)
Warm, soulful synth-driven techno — dreamlike, ambient and melodic.

Sekai no Owari (JP)
Japan’s indie darlings, with bubblegum pop and technicolour personas.

Silverstein (CAN)
The seminal “screamo” band. Hot-blooded melodic punk meant to be experienced live.

Solids (CAN)
Dinosaur Jr. meets Sonic Youth in the 21st century. Crunchy, powerful, 90’s inspired alt-rock.

Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks (US)
Songwriting genius. Pop-slacker savant. Frontman of Pavement. Chill guy.

Thug Mills (AU)
Irreverent fuzz rock made with a DIY ethic, played with frenetic aplomb.

Tiago (PO)
Sun-kissed deep house from the warm, windy coasts of Portugal.

Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland Acts:
(in alphabetical order)

Xiamen’s own instrumental hip-hop trio, playing soulful, jazz-infused summery beats.
A sonic homebrew of balearic pop, pan-African jams and jazz-influenced house. Heady stuff.
Free-flying punk rock played with sharp lyrics and wild abandon.

Chinese Football
Twinkling and melodic indie emo, simultaneously delicate, beautiful and yearning.

Chui Wan 
Cerebral psychedelic rock from the grimy depths of China’s mega-cities.

Conrank (Live)
Grimey, jungley, trappy, hip-hop goodness, with a live sitar thrown in for good measure.

Cosmos People 宇宙人 (TW) 
A cheerfully upbeat visual spectacle, playing stylish, groovy disco-funk.

Edine (The Marshmallow Kisses) + Gustaf Murman 
Mellow “Yé-yé” indie-pop meets Swedish disco via Cantonese opera.

Chill, slow jams from the prodigious, eclectic collection of the Groove Bunny boss.

Edison Chen 陈冠希 & 4PK (HK)
Iconic, infamous Hong Kong star making a defiant comeback as edgy hip-hop firebrand.

The Hutong Yellow Weasels
Barn-storming traditional American music that’ll have you square dancing in no time.

Frosty industrial dance music, like a rave at a construction site.

Jason Hou & Yider
melodic, sinister Chinese club music beamed straight from the future.

Good vibrations from one of the figureheads of China’s vinyl movement.

MHP (Live)
Shanghai future-techno, rain-drenched and glittering, in a very special live setting.

Mr. Graceless 
Cheeky, geeky Beijing indie rock to make you feel young and nostalgic.

Murphy Kin
Space disco cosmic funk, bringing the Saturday night fever to the ‘Grass.

Solid grooves from the Daily Vinyl mastermind.

Peezy + Bloodz Boi
Beijing’s trap overlord meets the northern champion of comedic troll-rap.

Minimal, cosmic deep techno, somewhere between the sunshine and the smog.

Re-TROS 重塑雕像的权利
Chinese post-punk legends, with a darkly riveting, electrifying stage presence.

Ginga + Stanley (SDC)
Labyrinthine, otherworldly dance music from one of Shanghai’s most forward-thinking crews.

Wang Wen 惘闻
Chinese post-rock royalty; Conjurers of soaring, emotional, masterful instrumental epics.

Yunggie Ma 央吉玛
Sparse, delicate traditional folk that rings with the songs and stories of the Menba people.

Zuriaake 葬尸湖
Black Metal Chinese opera, played out in glorious cinematic widescreen.

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