Protest voting might make you dirty

As a human of the UK (& the world), watching the US, I wanted to write an appeal to those voting for… him. This is not for those who are excited by his entirely politically incorrect rhetoric (complete fabrications parading as “truth”), or to those who feel marginalised by stock vagaries & abuses which mean food costs more than they can afford, or even those who have seen de-industrialisation & globalisation strip their livelihoods away. Mostly, this is an honest request for sanity to those who are voting for him because they feel it is time anti-establishment messages were sent. This is a noble desire but that message has been sent! I may not be nearly cynical enough, but I do not believe US politics will ever be the same again! This could be the one positive legacy left in his destructive wake.

“When America sneezes the world catches a cold” is a ridiculously understated adage at the moment — ” when USA sneezes, the world will be plunged into nuclear winter” seems more appropriate.

What are you actually going to be doing to challenge the establishment by voting for him? How is it that he has managed to create this illusory anti-establishment reputation? Because, in truth, he is one of those 1% — he is the very poster boy for the 1% — we repeatedly hear about. He is the billionaire who does not pay income tax because he has the money to hire the right accountants & lawyers or use loss leaders to become fiscally bankrupt because they are already morally so. The 1% who will never be held to account for sexually assaulting women & possibly children — & repeatedly jokes about incest with their own. The 1% who can say whatever he wants about the others, the women, the poor, the unattractive, the overweight, the disabled, or the ethnically different. The 1% who can simply get away with not paying for stuff because he thinks he is just too damn “huuuuuuuuuuuuge”!

He hasn’t the first clue (as can be evidenced by his words & behaviour) about what life is like for you. He started out with a big fat cheque & he has repeatedly messed that up, utilising your backs to claw his way back up to the halfway point, which he arrogantly declares is the highest top ever in the history of the universe. He wouldn’t know the truth if it walked up & kissed him with its tongue forced down his throat whilst aggressively groping his breast. He takes delight in chumming the political waters by labelling his opponent “crooked” yet no inquest has found a criminal or civil case to bring to bear. Star Trek taught me that it is easier for polite humans to behave like barbarians than for barbarians to behave like polite humans, we are still savages with only a thin film of civilisation to keep us moral & polite & decent. He is a villain & has cruelly ripped that skin off every person who is willing to vote for him, intimidate for him, accepts that the contest is rigged, or is calling to repeal the 19th amendment. We are all made less by this.

The US establishment will not fall by having a demagogue in power who is too stupid to understand mutually assured destruction, balance of power, or what nuclear weapons do, with his finger over the big red button. Nor by having a tyrant at the head who thinks the world’s worst oligarchs are the ones to hero-worship. If you are going the oligarchy route, then why not support Clinton? Only bad can come of a dolorous misanthropist who actively promises that he will steal from sovereign countries, torture prisoners of war & assassinate their families, & who dismisses war heroes from his own party as “not heroes” because they “got captured”. Nor by having an authoritarian emotive populist in power who somehow, inexplicably knows that torture works — guess he must have tried it to conclude it does, despite its illegality & all scientific, empirical evidence that it does not. Nor with a debauched brute as POTUS who thinks that 51% of the population are lesser, along with all non white Americans, & people from elsewhere. These people are his wives, lovers, daughters, employees, tenants, suppliers, victims, & you: because even if you are a white US male, you are nothing but a meal ticket & a mirror for him to see his imagined reflection of just how great he thinks he is compared to everyone else. No one, not bearing his last name, will be considered human. Humans have made the mistake before of thinking that constraints upon a megalomaniac will prevent them from committing their most illegal of policies, & they haven’t.

No good will come with this rampant gutterlicking bully who thinks it is acceptable to flaunt his opponent’s husband’s previous sexual partners in front of her at an official debate. Not with a harrying intimidator bold enough to threaten his opponent both physically & verbally during live televised events. The foundation will not improve with a base manipulator who parades the woman raped by an ex client of his opponent from 40 years ago (which she requested that the court recuse her from defending), in front of her, because she did her job well, bearing in mind he himself has been accused of raping a child — regardless of what the impact of this dredge up must be on that woman 40 years later. It cannot be toppled whilst having a misogynist in power who says he didn’t sexually assault the women who say he did, by implying they are not attractive enough. (Bill Clinton’s sexual conquests must be heard, but his must shut up — with apologies to SNL). Nor will things improve with a narcissist who has never contributed to his own charitable organisation but has used it to pay for self aggrandising items, like a giant portrait of himself.

The establishment will not be rocked with a lying defalcator in charge who categorically refuses to pay multi-generation small businesses who have done work for him by citing bankruptcy whilst publicly claiming he never has been bankrupt. Establishment will not change, especially with a hysterical gaslighting conspiracy theorist who is so ignorant about science on every level that the mind boggles (soon to offer “made in China” tin foil hats for a paltry $600 each to match his “made in China” suits & ties) in the numero uno spot .

But if you disagree then, vote for him, but caveat emptor. No self respecting human being should want to.

Please think on it a little longer, on behalf of the world of humans?