Moon Byulyi: The Heiress

“Con call on five, set everything up. Oh, is my plane ticket ready?”

A steady rhythm of heels knocked on the ceramic floor as a young woman walked down the corridor, paper cup of her favorite latte in her right hand, and a folder of papers in another. Another woman — her secretary — followed only a step behind her, eyes fixed to the tablet screen to check her boss’ flight schedule to Melbourne that night.

“Good afternoon, Miss Moon.”

A small and shy squeak of greeting was delivered by another lady, probably not much younger than Byulyi. ‘A newcomer, I presume.’ Byulyi dipped her head into a slight nod, lips curling up into a thin smile which successfully earned a silent squeal from the new employee. Never once she slowed her pace down.

The world Moon Byulyi lives in is a world of movements. Not a second passes in stillness. It’s almost as if she, herself, is moving with the time. One day, she could be in Denmark, in Lunar Lux’s Western Europe regional office. Another day, she could be in Seoul, South Korea. Some other days when she’s staying in Manhattan, she would spend her time in either the officer or her flat. Some people might say what a boring life a poor 25-year-old adult must’ve survived for. But for Byulyi, she doubts there is any more enjoyable life she would prefer.

Lunar Lux has been the pride of Moon household over the century. Started off as a small financial corporation, it has spread its wings throughout the world, building banks, investment securities, insurance companies, and even hospitals and schools. It is now a giant corporation under the lead of the chairwoman — Byulyi’s mother — and vice chairwoman, Moon Byulyi.

Byulyi spent her entire adolescence to study. At the age of 19, she had got her bachelor degree in business. At the same time, she underwent a training in Finance division in Lunar Lux’s central office in Manhattan and continued to pursue for her master and doctorate degree. Academic learning is never her concern and by the age of 24, she is a PhD in Corporate Finance.

As the result of the tough responsibility as the Moon’s oldest daughter, and her ambition that is probably way higher than people at her age, Byulyi comes off as an alpha female who seems to be unapproachable. Despite never showing a cold shoulder, it requires no expertise in psychology to see that the friendliness she displays is a mere manner of professionalism. Byulyi is not living the homo socius concept very well. Due to something in her past, she feels more ease when she relies on herself rather than others, and is very skeptic over attachments.

“You look like you need some company tonight, Miss Moon.”

Byulyi tore her gaze away from a glass of wine, half-drunk, in her hand to the source of baritone voice that greeted her. ‘I certainly don’t.’ Byulyi flashed a smile at the man — a 32-year-old successful lawyer who happened to be invited to the launch party of Lunar Lux’s corporate partner.

“Thank you for your kindness, Mr. Kim.” She got up, drinking the wine in one gulp and putting the glass down. She patted the guy on the stiff collar of his suit.

“Maybe next time.”

So much for socializing today.