Will Robots Be Able To Savor Mexican Food?

Which skills will be uniquely human after the AI machines conquer us?

Source: pixabay.com / englishlikeanative

What makes us human?

The previous story was my tiny contribution to the writing arts. It was a spontaneous creation inspired by a real event. I savored that food and had to write what I felt. For pleasure, for posterity.

Smart robots — will they be the downfall of humanity?

That question isn’t an exaggeration if we get carried away by the abundance of experts who warn that the future belongs to intelligent machines. That at the most we will survive at their mercy, as humanity does today to the natural world. In zoos, in reserves, and in conservation areas we “manage” animal’s lives. There’s nowhere longer a free and innocent natural world, there’s always a boundary, a human made restriction or pollution, in some way or another.

Buscando la realización. Seeking fulfillment.

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