Okay so honestly idk why people are so cruel and insensitive but we have to face it this world is just not what it used to be back in the day. Oh but let me tell you how upset I was when this woman I work with comes in & ive never met her in my life so me being a nice person I introduce myself & ask her name & im like cool nice to meet you … yeah great uh huh. Well with all of the recent events that’s been happening in Orlando I see a tattoo and I honestly thought I saw rainbow & it a pulse design but I just got a glimpse, well again me being a lover of tattoos I’m like cool I like your pulse tattoo. The girl looks at me with such a disgusted look & says, this isn’t for that it’s something personal for me & starts to walk away as a coworker says well it’s nothing bad & she says well it is ….?!?!?

What do you mean it’s bad?

49 innocent people we’re murdered, and now people are trying get by and mourn the love of these Angels & choose to get art work on their bodies for the memorial of them& your offended? Say what you will but I respect all religions & opinions & all they believe sure, but the act of respect goes both ways. You may not like gay people, but we are “the land of the free” at least on paper we are so respect us as humans like we respect ignorant humans .

I was livid at the fact that she was offended by what I thought to be a nice comment but you know what all we can do is show ignorant insensitive people how much we support one another & just show how we spread our peace and love & we will always win. Love will always win. Thanks for listening to my rant it feels good to take everything out. Guys just love thy selves & love one another , as long as we respect ourselves, others , and our earth we will be one & we will be happy always

💗 with much love


Until next time

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