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4 min readAug 21, 2021


In the Moonieverse our $MNY tokens are used to buy Moonchests. When you open a Moonchest you get a pre-minted Moonie NFT! Here’s how it works.

First, you need to have our $MNY tokens! Shortly after $MNY tokens are going to be made publicly tradable, we will enable Moonchest opening on the Moonieverse website.

After opening a Moonchest you will get your first Moonie. Which one will you get? How rare is it? Keep reading to find out.

Doggie, Ettie and Bitty are not only rare but they also have a very limited supply of only 2000. In the picture below you can see what chances you have to draw them. Normies are more common and have unlimited supply.

Understanding the Rarity of Moonies

Although each Moonie will be unique (even Normies!). We will present how rare some attributes of Doggie, Bitty and Ettie are.

The rarest attributes are opened at roughly 0.5% which means that only 10 Moonie of each type will have it.

Behind each attribute there is a background story and a Moonie nickname.

Rarity will never boost your performance in game but it might earn you some bragging rights in the community or the attention of some collectors.

Here is a list of attributes:

● Extras

● Hand Items

● Badges

● Helmets

● Armor

● Trousers

● Shoes

● Backgrounds

● Background colors

● Effects

Click here to see all of the attributes!

Now, let’s take a look at this Bitty to understand its rarity:

First of all — this Jedi Bitty is available to draw in a Moonchest. Lets dive into its rarity because according to our rarity table — this one is ultra rare.

You have only 1% chances to get Lightsaber (only 20 Bitties have one), and 1% chances to get Cabin background (only 20 bitties has one). That’s one rare Bitty!

Idea behind Moonie rarity scaling

Moonies took a different approach to scaling with it’s rarity. Despite the fact that each Moonie will have a number of dedicated traits, with pixel art it would get really hard to distinguish those. It’s a common way to work on rarity by adding additional traits and defining how much per creature will there be. Those types of NFTs can vary from only 1 unique trait to even 7 unique traits combined.

Instead of taking this vertical approach of scaling, Moonies will scale horizontally by adding new types of Moonies representing different types of cryptocurrencies with each new Price Race. Each new type will also have it’s native traits to support the uniqueness of each new type.


In the Moonieverse there is a wide variety of interesting Moonie combinations that can be drawn. Some combinations have a deep lore and are far more rare than others. What will your Moonie look like?

For more information about MoonieNFT or the Moonieverse platform, please look at our website, Telegram or Twitter.



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