my energy is november 32nd.

im having an amazing week (it’s tuesday). spoiler alert: absolutely nothing is going on; my life is boring af. perhaps it’s the fact that it’s virgo season, the perpetual “THAT BITCH” of astrological seasons (if you’re not glowing right now you’re doing it wrong), or maybe it’s the fact that im going on my first unsanctioned vacation in EVER. not a the-building-is-closed vacation but a- i finally bossed up and requested a week off because im tired of being a work martyr and i deserve it-one.

where am i going you ask? to bed!

im an introvert. i don’t have friends in other states i can mooch off for a vacay disguised as a girls trip. all my family is here. frankly, the idea of traveling literally sounds like the most exhausting thing in the actual world right now lol (one time my coworker told she went to china for winter holiday and on god i felt the bags under my eyes worsen).

can’t lie, i have the most impeccable amazon cart of skin care products queuing until pay day. when i come back can i impress my coworkers by saying i finally finished gossip girl in a rose sheet mask?

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