Improving your career with the Interaction Design Foundation (a review)

I’ve been around the tech and web business for almost 15 years now. I always loved graphics and images since childhood, I remember myself as a child browsing for hours the images and graphics of the nature books my parents had at home, obviously I’ve always been attracted by visual information (photographs, illustrations, infographics, posters, TV). Later I discovered computers and as a visual person I got really excited by the Graphical User Interfaces, at that moment I was not aware of Interaction Design.

Later, fortunately I studied Design and got blessed to choose Web Design as specialization since the beginning of the Web of graphical browsers. Interaction Design has been here for a while, but as you may know, it got really popular some years ago as a consequence of the evolution of the Web and Mobile. Now, 30 years later from browsing those books at my parents house, I’m glad to be an Interaction Designer at one of the big companies at Silicon Valley and try to deliver information the best way as possible, I also like to think that I somehow I contribute to make the life of people a little bit easier.

Specialization it’s an important part of a career’s development. 15 years ago most of us at the Web business were Jacks of all trades, but you may know that to have a strong value as a professional you must specialize on whatever you most love. I always try to be informed about anything and Interaction Design is not an exception, so when I discovered The Interaction Design Foundation I decided that I must give it a shot. I was everything but regretful to do this, I got access of tons of information and UX courses. It was better than have an exclusive Interaction Design or UX library. The way of learning maintained me focused and engaged as I could interact with other Interaction Designers as taking those valuable couses. I have been a member of the IDF a little more than a year ago; remember I said I work as an Interaction Designer at one of the big companies at Silicon Valley? well, I have been here for a little bit less than a year. I’m a very fortunate person that along the way have found the tools to improve myself and my career and for that I’m thankful.

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