Peter Liang Was Justly Convicted- He’s Not A Victim, Says This Niece of Vincent Chin
Annie Tan

As an Asian American I have to ask that everyone here who supports Peter Liang to listen to yourselves for a moment: “Peter Liang was not given the same kind of protection that white cops have gotten in similiar situations.” Yes, this may be true, but do you think these white cops *should* have gotten this kind of protection from the NYPD? Do you think it is right to keep protecting both Asian and white police officers from being held accountable for killing innocent, unarmed black people? When officer Daniel Pantaleo killed another innocent black man, Eric Garner, the NYPD used all of their dirty tactics — of intimidating judges by sending in big groups of cops into courtrooms, of pressuring the district attorney not to file charges, of providing top notch legal advice to Pantaleo so that a police officer who was *videotaped* killing an innocent, unarmed black man can walk away free and without punishment. What if Eric Garner had been an Asian man? Of course, you will care because he is Asian and unjustly killed by a white cop sort of like Vincent Chin. But you don’t care because he is black.

You can’t whine and complain when only Asians suffer. As an American you are obligated to support the Constitution of the United States and that means to demand that a police officer is punished for taking an innocent life regardless of whether Eric Garner is a black man or Asian man. Regardless of whether Peter Liang is an Asian man or white man.

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