Moonrock Capital invests in ACDX series pre-A equity round

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We are proud to announce ACDX as an addition to our portfolio. In addition to funding, we will also provide our expertise and network to facilitate and accelerate the growth process of this exciting new derivatives exchange.

The exchange aims to fix two major issues of crypto derivative exchanges: lack of product innovation and lack of transparency. At launch, ACDX is offering quarterly futures, perpetual futures, and futures spread trading. Among the offerings, futures spread trading is the first innovative product that ACDX releases to the market. Futures spread is a popular derivative in the traditional market. It provides the benefits of lower margin requirements and risks. With the mission of bringing more innovations and transparency to the cryptocurrency industry, ACDX also has a series of new products in the 2020 pipeline.

“As we have seen, with recent developments in the crypto exchange space, we believe that its time for a more transparent, more community focused derivatives exchange. This concurs with the idea of ACDX’s governance token ACXT. Despite DeFi being the biggest topic this year, derivatives still have a massive potential. Especially when we take into consideration, that the vast majority of trading volume comes from asian countries, while western markets are still behind and waiting to be captured. Therefore, we see ACDX as a company, that can achieve that and we are ready to support the team on this journey.

— Jonathan Habicht, Managing Partner MRC

“”We’re pleased to have Moonrock Capital onboard with us on this journey of building a world-class cryptocurrency derivatives exchange. Europe is surely one of our focus in the coming year, as we see the fast-growing interest in crypto derivatives from retail and institutional investors. By leveraging Moonrock Capital’s expertise and network, we can accelerate ACDX’s growth and capture the markets in those countries.”

— Andy Cheung, Founder & Executive Chairman at ACDX

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Moonrock Capital is a Blockchain Advisory and Investment Partnership based in London and Hamburg.

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