We’re in new territory and there’s absolutely no denying it anymore. So, what now? How do you look down the road — into say, Q3 — when anything seems possible tomorrow? As we manage our new lifestyles on lock down, we must manage our companies and brands in parallel. (You might be managing your child’s education as well!) Certainly much of the focus will be on mitigating the damage, but we also need to look and plan for an ever-changing future. …

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One of the most essential aspects of branding is connecting with your audience. You need to show them that you understand their problems, their needs. That building block, upon which trust emanates from, goes far beyond branding. Within your business, that level of understanding will create happier, longer-lasting employees.

Empathy figures centrally in both of these instances. Don’t confuse empathy with sympathy — this isn’t about feeling bad for someone — it’s about understanding where someone is at and what they require. And now, more than ever, it’s time for your brand to show it.

We’re all navigating this fear…

To pitch is to convince, compel, to persuade and sway. It’s a subtle art and one that needs to be mastered if we hope to close an investment round, secure the needed support, or convince whichever audience of whatever worthiness. Moonshot has worked with hundreds of companies to craft convincing pitches, whether it’s for the big stage or the boardroom, and we put together this list of “truths” for creating stand out pitches that win your audience. It starts with the game plan.

I. Define your play-by-play objectives

Clearly understand and articulate your end goal and then break it down into the play-by-play of getting…

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You are what you consume

Lowell Thomas hosted the first regularly televised newscast in 1940, which was seen only in New York. Whether the producers, network execs, or Thomas himself knew the profound impact that this would have on how the populace received information, or on society at large, is unknown. A few of them likely knew it would be transformative. I doubt any of them thought it could be destructive.

Way before that, in 1638, the good reverend Glover and his missus set up the nation’s first printing press in the colony of Massachusetts. For approximately the next 300 years, the vast majority of…

Growing your brand and influence: How the story you tell can create a disaster or win hearts and minds

You have a story. It may be intentional and carefully-crafted. Or, it may be construed from the interactions and bread crumbs you leave. Just because you aren’t telling your story doesn’t mean you don’t have one. If you’re in the world, the world has a story about you.

In a previous post, we charted the evolution of marketing — the spread of message and influence from its decades-long broadcast paradigm to today’s world — where messages flow in every direction and a brand’s narrative is vulnerable to an audience that talks back.

The ideas below will take a look at…

Storytelling is a marketing buzzword. You should neither ignore it nor ride the bandwagon blind. Stories are powerful — they influence, sway, manipulate, deter, and alter our courses everyday — they capture our conviction and consumption. From ISIS to Coca Cola, everyone has a story and the ability to broadcast.

Which means marketing can feel like a rodeo: loud, crowded, and unpredictable. No matter how exacting and enlightening your analytics, metrics, and data may be — no matter how much money or time you have — the game and the fame can still be won by anyone with an internet…


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