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Welcome to Moonstuff, a lightning network powered bitcoin novelty store here to help prep you for moon. Hyperbitcoinization is only a few years out, so make sure to pick up some mementos to remind you of the fun we had on our way up.

Our community is amazing, but at times, the finger pointing and ego-flexing can make things feel stressful. Let’s ease the tension with some humor and remember to have fun on this journey.

Our items

We draw from the various voices and shenanigans in this space, to craft items that inspire joy, as well as an opportunity to educate and spread the network to others. What better way to get the conversation started than by sharing all this neat Moonstuff with friends and family? We plan to continually update our selection and provide you with all the proper supplies needed for moon-tripping.

With a limited supply of 500 per figurine for this first batch, here are a couple pieces from our collection so far:

Bobblehead Cash

Bobblehead Cash is a self-made millionaire shitcoin-founding bobblehead. This sleek and stylish handcrafted bobblehead captures the purest essence of megalomania. Keep him safe because this may be the last remnant of Mr. Cash when we moon.

Bitcoin Foam Finger

For the avid maximalist. Show everyone at your favorite event your opposition to fiat.

Boy Genius

The Boy Genius is a handcrafted figurine of everyone’s favorite snot-loving founder. Like his magical unicorn, ethereum fuels unrealistic fantasies. Made from strong and flexible nylon, this is the only thing associated with ethereum worth buying.

More moonstuff?!

Moonstuff is powered by OpenNode, so you can purchase your collectibles with lightning network! or normal on-chain bitcoin transactions.

Check out for these and more items to ready you for takeoff!

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