eBTC: The Big Update!
eBTC Foundation

Sorry for my poor English, hope you can understand what I’m talking about !

Hi dev, have you heard of PTC or BUX sites ?

1: Many people make small money with these sites by clicking or viewing ads! But the fee of deposit and withdraw is very high, since Paypal accept this kind of service! So many PTC sites use other services, such as Payeer …

2: Also many people want to run their own PTC site to make more money, but most of the PTC scripts are very expensive and not open source.

I think we can develop an open source PTC site script which with eBTC integrated! People own eBTC by reviewing ads! the only currency in the system is eBTC! It’s better to integrate a simple public / official exchange function, people can trade eBTC with USD or BTC on this exchange!

So now users can earn eBTC, and webmasters don’t need to pay for the scripts, they can earn more eBTC by running a site …and also they can trade them on this official exchange.

eBTC will bump to the moon by this way !

MY ETH: 0x8B3117Df72155B305dbc8c4f40dF6A2b4C06a461

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