Goodbye Democracy and Capitalism
Floris Koot

What do they say: great minds think alike. I’ve thought this way for a long time. My frustration is when I bring up these ideas even with folks I think are liberal thinkers, they can’t quite wrap their heads around it. And could the culprit be education? I say that from the point of view that several years ago, a linguist friend of mine pointed out that “pre-literate or illiterate people are incredibly good problem solvers and literate people create more problems than illiterate people.” Why? Because pre-literate and illiterate people are working with the concrete world right in front of them, so if something breaks, they look at the physical environment and find what can fix it. Literate people are thinking in the abstract and they’re unable to see all the ramifications of those abstract thoughts in the concrete world. Think about the combustible engine. Brilliant idea, and yet look at the world today because of it: oil spills polluting our land and seas; concrete everything that prevents water tables from recharging; air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution; deaths from accidents and pollution; wars to keep the oil flowing. The list is endless, all created by a literate, abstract thinker. Solution? My personal solution has always been to live as close to nature with the least amount of money and the least amount of expenditure. Everyone argues with me that that’s just not possible for everyone else. Oh, well.

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