Life outside of college will not have trigger warning.
Lawrence Pellino

AS others have pointed out, life outside college have lots of trigger warnings, by other names.

But the thing with college is that it is a place to go to be challenged. In college courses you often end up facing discussions and ideas and images that either just don’t come up or are easily avoidable in real life.

For example, in real life, I can (and did) skip the Human Centipede film franchise. If I were studying film, one of those could be covered.

In the last few months, my program as an aspiring teacher required me to take classes on working with kids who have disabilities and homeless kids and kids dealing with racist garbage being directed at them. As a father and grandfather and a former kid (or, maybe more accurately, a “technically former” kid) I really don’t enjoy thinking about that kind of stuff, or having it described to me. And in real life, I can avoid that most of the time. Yeah, I’ll be working with a kid or two who is dealing with stuff here and there, but I won’t be hearing about all of those for several hours at a time, and when you can be at least a bit helpful, it’s less disturbing.

I can easily think of a detail or two of those classes that might just be too much for some particular student to deal with, even if that student is pretty tough in terms of the rest of that. I’ve got my things that set me off.

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