Elemental Battles — EOS Gamification

Gamification is the amalgamation of anything that exists and game theory to create an interactive platform that is reward-driven. The integration of game theory and reward strategy engages participants throughout the process, and creates an environment that is motivating, interactive and highly cohesive to learning. The expected outcomes include improved user engagement, loyalty and increased learning.

Monopoly, a hugely popular board game is an early example that applies the principle of gamification. It is an adaptation of an early English game based on the concept of ownership, wealth creation and taxation. Players unanimously agree that while the game focuses on “having fun”, also imparts knowledge on a topic that otherwise does not seem very interesting.

Is gamification adopted by EOS? Yes, it is and very well too!!

EOSIO adapts the gamification concept in Elemental Battles, a tutorial that introduces players to blockchain concepts and aids them to create their own version of a decentralised blockchain game.

The premise of the gameplay to be designed is a simple card game with a player and an AI opponent. The player must complete a series of rounds with the objective to reduce the opponents to a zero score and claim victory. The scoring system is decided by the creator.

Feature Image by MoonX depicting gamification of EOSIO dapp development

The interactive tutorial is spread across eight lessons, its participants traverse through concepts like account setup, smart contracts, storing, and the use of AI. The conclusion of each chapter includes a summary review and a testing platform that acts as a reward system to enkindle and motivate developers. The tutorial beings with a simple Sign up with the developers email address and password, and then the magic begins!!

Each player is assigned an account name, a 12-character human readable text as is synonymous with EOS account names and a private key that must be stored safely however, is very rarely required through the course of the game.

Below is the play-design for each of the lessons and objectives:

Lesson 1: Getting Started — A quick introduction to Blockchains and Smart Contracts
 Lesson 2: Smart Contract & Front-end Setup — Setting up your smart contract and creation of the create-react-app
 Lesson 3: Storing State and Login — Guide to storing player information and React-Redux integration
 Lesson 4: Elemental Battles Core — Builds the game-play elements from the game resources, rules and game flow
 Lesson 5: Elemental Battles AI — Define the behaviour of the AI for the game play. 
 Lesson 6: Playing Round and AI compatibility — This defines the behaviour of the AI and the reward function of the game
 Lesson 7: Build Game Flow — Test the multiplicity of the characteristics of the game and conditions that arise from the win-loss combinations
 Lesson 8: Wrapping up a Game — Define the physical attributes of the game to improve the overall interface.

The interactive system allows its users to view all changes effected, immediately making the process highly rewarding and motivating. The inclusion of detailed explanations and source codes make the tutorial easy for even a novice with little to no knowledge of programming languages. The additional reading content and option to download source codes allow modification to alter outcomes.

There cannot be a more stimulating experience for a developer that is new to the EOS ecosystem, this is as good as it gets!! As the adage goes LET THE GAMES BEGIN…

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