How Lamington simplifies EOSIO based Dapp development?


Inspired by the popular Truffle framework and developed in Typescript, Lamington makes smart contract development simple for any level of EOSIO developer. Lamington tool that helps to deploy, compile and test eosio smart contract. The too allows easy way to configure VSCode to compile EOS smart contracts. The tool supports debugging of Javascript and Typescript tests.

Features of Lamington library:

· Skill level agnostic

· TypeScript ready

· Containerized development

· Common JavaScript testing frameworks

· Multi-environment support

· Simple CLI commands

· Easily configurable

Lamington facilitates easy migration from solidity or any other high-level language for implementing smart contract. Compiling within a docker container with locked configuration ensures contracts compile consistently and clean every time. The tool automatically searched for all files with .cpp file extension before batch compiling within a docker container.

Easy EOSIO smart contract creation — The tool uses EOS standard C++ toolkit to build smart contract logic in a .cpp file

Easy compilation of smart contract — Lamington uses the EOSIO CDT toolkit to build contracts. Dapp developers can even change the version of the toold used to match specific requirements.

Easy actions generation— Full autocomplete IDE on Typescript interfaces for contract actions, tables, and rows.

Easy Deployment — Lamington automatically spins up a fully functioning EOS blockchain (including nodeos, cleos, and CDT) inside a Docker container and makes it easy to deploy your contracts for testing.

Easy Testing facilitation — Using Mocha and Typescript / Javascript, write unit and integration tests for your contract actions. You can assert on your table contents as well as ensuring actions you expect to fail actually fail.

Easy to iterate — Dapp developers on this tool can rapidly iterate and test how changes effect overall decentralized system.


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