MoonX Exchange — Empowering Digital Asset Traders with the Best Experience


MoonX exchange is a financial-institution grade digital asset exchange that brings the three invaluable features into one superior exchange platform: Speed, Security and Deterministic Price.

MoonX combines the crypto world and the traditional Financial world to catalyse every possible trading opportunity in a single venue.

  • 20 Million TPS
  • Institutional grade security
  • Liquidity even in Illiquid Markets

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Key feature offered by MoonX Exchange:

Efficient Software:

MoonX exchange uses a proprietary and licensed software that is capable of providing the users with a user-friendly as well as an intuitive interface for superior trading experience. The platform allows users to rectify their trading moves by cancelling whenever necessary. The platform has institution grade charting feature and live quotes of financial assets. The platform is supported on desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

High-grade security:

MoonX exchange is licensed. Its high-grade AML and KYC compliance requirements makes the platform offer transparency and security to MoonX customers. MoonX exchange also offers negative balance protection along with secured socket layer.

Multi-lingual and 24/7 support:

MoonX exchange is multi-lingual to provide convenient trading experience. The customer service of MoonX Exchange is available for 24*7 to our global traders’ community. Most of the questions have been addressed on our FAQ section. The support is available on email and telegram.

Account Type:

MoonX Exchange Account offers experienced trading environment. The minimum deposit requirement is made mandate to trade digital assets, details of which can be found here. The registration process is made simplified compared to any other exchange. You can create account for free.

MoonX Implication Engine:

MoonX Exchange has a proprietary engine that helps users to achieve 99% deterministic prices with tighter spread. This is our magic machine that Improve liquidity and trading volume.

Why wait? Start today with a better trade only on MoonX! Visit:


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First Hybrid Exchange for Cross-Border Cross-Assets Trading

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