MoonX partners with RubyChain to list RUB Token on 18th September


RubyChain (Ruby) is a commercial-grade blokchain inspired from double-helical molecular structure of DNA. The technology provides an avenue for creation of intelligent contracts, multi-chain parallelism, cross-chain consensus, chain-based big data module storage, non-inductive out-of-chain application block fragmentation storage.

This solution provides an easy course to migrate any blockchain application on to the Rubychain and as well as facilitates seamless development of institution-level blockchain applications on the chain.

We couldn’t be happier with our partnership with RubyChain team. MoonX exchange will have the native token of the RubyChain platform listed on 18th September. Time of the listing will soon be announced. Celebrating this partnership, MoonX and RubyChain will launch exciting reward campaigns in the coming week, details of which will be soon shared on MoonX website and on social media accounts. .

RUB Token Information

RubyChian (RUB) Token — IS the native token of RubyChain blockchain

Total Supply:20,000,000,000 RUB

Source code:

ICO Price:¥0.2

Market price (as on 13thSeptember, 18:00 (GMT+8)) : ¥0.49

To learn more about RubyChian

Official Website:


Block Explorer :




About MoonX Exchange:

Exchange website:

Official blog:
Official microblog:

Telegram: @Moon_Money
WeChat public: MoonX Technology
Customer service wechat: moonx0001MoonX team


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