Thursday thoughts: A heart in the real world.

Just a couple of months after moving from Australia to San Francisco, I was leaving work on a Friday late, eyes glossed over in a bit of a ‘long week’ daze.

Steps outside my office, I walked past someone and paused for a moment. That face looked familiar. And I was sure they had the same reaction! But I kept walking to the train, not quite able to put my finger who it was.

A couple of hours later, the mystery person messaged me on Instagram. It was none other than the delightful Harper Bokum-Fauth! We were mutual followers on Instagram, and met for coffee with our respective partners a week or so later. Now, I’m very glad to count Harper and his partner Justin as two of our closest friends in San Francisco.

I reflected on this tonight, and new friends I’d connected with virtually since moving to my new home. I thought about inviting two of them for dinner.

Nah, that’s a bit weird. Bit creepo.

But then I thought, fuck it. Why not. Because when you think about it, isn’t it actually stranger to live in the same city as people who you follow on all of the platforms, yet have never uttered a word to?

Here’s to making at least some of your virtual connections physical, and meeting the people behind the handles, filters and photos. Pick one person in your feed or following, who you’ve never met, and invite them for coffee. Have them over for dinner. Buy then a drink.

Because (real) life is better with more lovely people in it. x