The Real Kylie

The battle with the media giants is not one that Kylie Minogue is worried about. She is the real Kylie. She’s the number one artist for years in Europe and Australia, and acted in countless shows.

Yet some unknown person, from a “reality show” part of TV is also called Kylie. The public perception is that the Kardashians and the Jenners are untouchable. In our world — no — there’s only one Kylie, and that’s Kylie Minogue. Get over it.

Kylie Jenner tried to trademark “Kylie” recently and our Kylie Minogue killed that given that the real Kylie has been around for 20 odd years.. Yet she tries to be “Kylie”. And flood #kylie

So we need to flood her online presence #kylie with pro “our Kylie” (Oz) stuff. 
And fuck her and her keyboard warriors.
They have no clue who either Kylie is if you ask them.

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