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Frist of all — thanks for your show of interest. 
Let’s do this:
Let me start by saying this — were I to use two words to describe what I’ve developed; the two words I would choose are “Brilliantly Simple”, furthermore, I believe when seen for the first time an informed viewer will wonder why nobody has thought of this before. 
A few years ago, I got interested in flying R/C (remote controlled) airplanes. Sometime later I thought to myself (not very seriously) through gear reduction why couldn’t I spin a propeller at great rpm/speed, and, with new light weight composite materials build a small “human powered” airplane/glider? (I should point out that I’m nearly 5’11” with a gold-medal winning Olympic swimmer’s build/glider pilots build?) then, one night (as I lay in bed) one thought lead to another, which lead to another, and then I thought, well, if I can do that — then I can do this, and, if I can now do this — then I can do that; well (through no intended design) in the end; I had “stumbled upon” what will be (I believe) considered “the next-generation” of electric generators.

Are you saying you would be interested in confidentially providing an opinion (pro or con) regarding the veracity of my claim that it is possible to build “self-generating generators”.
E-mail or call me @ (714) 803–4576
Thank you. 

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