I try to write every day but I totally don’t publish every day.

I think I vomit up all my good prose in the morning with the rest of my pills. Two promethazine later I can keep down my meds and my breakfast.. sometimes. Then I reward myself for turning into a functional adult with some coffee.

At night I feel best but I also feel most tired, so I end my days by chewing ice and watching Grey’s Anatomy for the 10th time this year. Chewing ice because I’m wildly anemic and apparently those two things are related, but I haven’t messaged my doctors about the new ice-craving-craziness because that means I’ll have to deal with my GI again, and he is constantly telling me my Crohn’s symptoms are probably just a stomach virus and am I sure I’m not anorexic because I’m way underweight still and my Crohn’s seems to be in remission according to him so it can’t possibly be my IBD. Also, I’m very good at run on sentences.

Grey’s Anatomy again because it’s a hospital show and I have this weird addiction to shitty dramas and hospitals tv programs, so it’s the perfect combination.

Laying around doing nothing again because I’m tired. Today I’m tired.

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