I’ve been in a rut lately. A major, Marianas-Trench-depth rut. Everything is uninteresting, unfulfilling, uninspiring bullshit.

It’s a deep, dark, blistering hole, shoved straight down into the earth, the bottom falling out into the fiery, bitch-lava-hot core.

Rut and hole aren’t exactly the right words. The word is depressed. Depression.

Yeah, I’ve been there lately.

Day to day life has become monotonous, and my I’ve lost all the confidence I’d managed to scrape together over the years. My confidence as an artist has evaporated, my reliability as a functional human being has completely disintegrated over the past two years and I need all. Of. This. To. Stop.

I’ve no idea how to get out. I’m not even trying lately. I’ve basically curled up in a ball and admitted defeat.

I’m just so tired, all of the time.

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