After Track 22

What if she doesn’t try understand me the way you do?

What if she doesn’t want to see what i’ve written?

What if her eyes don’t remind me of the galaxies?

What if her smile doesn’t make my heart feel like it’s about to ride a high speed rollercoaster with no safety on.

What if I don’t feel the urge to swipe the stray hair away from her face and stare at her face admiring her the way I would with you.

I know we’ve not spent much time with each other but when we did, I know for a fact that i’d love to be around you every moment i spend awake.

I know there will be a time where life will just carry on and bring me another girl but I know for a fact that she will never make me feel the way you do.

I know there will be someone else, but she will never be you.

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