Meet Alexis: Life Without a Personal Vehicle

In honor of National Transportation Week, we’re highlighting RideScout employees who get from point A to point B using our app and alternative transportation.

Meet Alexis, our company’s social media specialist. To the surprise of many in Austin, TX, she does not own a car and is not in a hurry to buy one.

Alexis grew up in North Carolina and after college at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, she moved to Washington, D.C. and left her car at home. After a year in the city, she sold her car and never looked back.

Upon moving to Austin to work at RideScout HQ, she chose to not purchase a car and continues using mass transit.

She takes the bus on most days, but also uses ZipCar, car2go & TNCs when she needs to run errands. Watch as she describes how her daily routine and how living car-free saves her a ton of money and time.

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