Becoming Data Driven

A quick Google search tells me that to be Data Driven is to use evidence to make decisions. Another check on Google gives maturity models and ways you can assess how Data Driven you are but I’ll go with my own definition that I’ll humbly call Stephen Hardisty’s Definitive Data Driven Maturity Model, or “Shdddmm” for short (pronounced “sh-duh-duh-duh-umm”):

  • Level 0: Not a damn clue what is going on.
  • Level 1: Having user data you trust.
  • Level 2: Using data to avoid shitty decisions.
  • Level 3: Using data to make awesome decisions.
  • Level 4: Using data to shape your organisation.

This is a series of posts on what each of these hastily considered “levels” means and what I believe are important factors in reaching each of them in the context of an online product, such as a website or native app.

Reaching Level 1 on my patented maturity model is a purely technical exercise with implementation and reporting of tracking events, setting a baseline for further posts. Levels 2–4 are much more about behaviour and, due to the involvement of people, are increasingly more difficult to attain. People are just the worst.