Moozicore Announcements & Updates - ICO Extension


In this update we are going to give brief insight on what’s been occurring behind the scenes with Moozicore and to formally announce that the ICO will be extended until 31 May 2019, 10:00 AM CET.

Below are various of reasons and actions for the extension which will present a more in-depth understanding for this decision.

1. Market conditions

Due to the ongoing crypto-market conditions, we needed more time to adjust and change our strategy and marketing efforts. Over the past couple of weeks, and in the upcoming months, there will be larger efforts to sustain, attract and grow our audience.

2. Support on the ICO with the product launch

We are rapidly approaching the launch of Moozicore service for the U.S. market. This service launch is scheduled for 2019, as depicted in the roadmap and will significantly contribute to the Moozicore public-sale.

3. Support from Mauro Andriotto & ICO Advisors

In February 2019 Mauro Andriotto & his team joined Moozicore as Financial Advisors - more details here. Mauro’s extraordinary experience in economics, perception of crypto-based markets and understanding the business enterprise, will be a strong support force for the success of Moozicore’s core business and ICO.

Mauro Andriotto

4. Ongoing meetings with private funds

The Moozicore team is regularly meeting with private investors, venture capital funds and business angels. The prospects for endorsements in these private equity deals require a vast amount of time in preparing all of the legal documentation. The time needed to fully realize these negotiations is an additional factor into the extension of the ICO.

5. Roadshows & Crypto Events

We will be attending crypto & blockchain conferences in Asia and Europe next weeks. We’ll provide more updates about these events soon.

Due to the ICO extension we want to inform all MZG tokens holders that the unlock date of MZGs will be postponed until 3 June 2019.

At end of the day we want to ensure all Moozicore ICO contributors, community members and active participants, that during this extension period, we will be focusing heavily on our private offers and marketing efforts. We will not be abandoning the public crowdsale and our community, in which many have been actively supporting our project from the very beginning. We deeply appreciate your support!

There will be a live Q&A event on February 23th, 2019 7:00 PM CET, in the official Moozicore Telegram group. We want to answer all your questions, concerns and ultimately, listen to what you have to say.

Stay tuned for many more updates to come!

Moozicore Team