Recap of Saturday’s Q&A Session on Telegram

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Adam Krzak (CEO) and Hubert Kawicki (CFO)

We’ve compiled our Q&A that occurred in the Moozicore Telegram Group on 23/02/2019, which lasted a little over 1 hour and 15 minutes. Some of the: comments, responses and general statements have been edited for grammar and sentence structures. Many of the miscellaneous pieces of discussions have been removed to give you a fluid summary of all the questions and answers.

Q&A Begins

Alex: So first of all, welcome to everyone to our Q&A. Adam Krzak (CEO) and Hubert Kawicki (CFO) will be online shortly to begin the Q&A and answer all your questions.

Adam (Moozicore CEO): Hello everyone and welcome to our Q&A Saturday Session. I’m the CEO of Moozicore and my CFO Hubert will be glad to be here to answer any questions you have about our project. So, feel free to ask!

Hypothetically, if Moozicore succeeds in this ICO phase, then what’s next? Essentially, where do you see Moozicore in months/years from now? Hubert (Moozicore CFO): Hi, first we want to launch our product in US and expand there, then Asia (China, Japan) and then we’re going to push project to South Korea and Latin America. Will be updating the roadmap accordingly.

[In reply to Hubert] Aren’t these markets hard to penetrate, especially when there’s already existing competition? How’s Moozicore going to achieve market penetration, and accordingly, target the customers you desire? Hubert: What’s unique about our marketing strategy is that we have a cashback system for venue owners - 20% revenues from microtransactions goes to venue owner every month. We are also going to implement digital marketing according to our marketing strategy already prepared for these markets.

[In reply to Hubert] Yeah, but, more than often simply enticing venue owners will rewards is not going to spur adoption of the Moozicore platform, as with most products, there’s an irrationality for adoption, and word-of-mouth adoption really shapes these industries. This especially occurs around the music industry, where the entire field is already bloated by many existing ideas. Hubert: We don’t want to reveal details about our entire marketing strategy here publicly, but combining digital marketing with field marketing + cashback system will give us the capacity to achieve the intended market share.

What’s the added value of having this project on the blockchain? I’m not referring to raising money, but the actual application. Adam: Moozicore uses its own token based on blockchain Ethereum ERC-20 as its ecosystem element. To put it in technical terms, Moozicore is a DApp product. The token used and saved in blockchain is changed into an inside controlling instrument, with which the users can make use of the functionalities of the app.

Moozicore also researches how blockchain can be used to store and interact with music data in order to create more effective marketing mechanisms (e.g. measuring the impact of music’s popularity on marketing effects from multiple sources). Based on data from the blockchain (metadata), Moozicore will allow to evaluate if a given song has impact on the development of the application. Blockchain is the perfect means to do it — it enables connecting multiple-source data and provides information from the music industry without breaching any external licenses.

(Several questions where asked by this next user, they will be broken up into smaller segments) Hello CEO. Thank you for your time. Did u reach the softcap? Hubert: Softcap was not reached, that’s the reason why ICO was extended but with new partnerships and new ICO strategy we are moving forward with the Moozicore project.

When will the ICO end? Hubert: ICO ends on 31 May, 2019.

When MZG be listed on Big Exchanges? Hubert: MZG will be listed on big exchanges right after ICO ends in May. (Editorial Addition) MZG will be listed on LAToken and HitBTC in June 2019.

You’ve called MZG “MZI GOLD.” What was the meaning of “GOLD” and why did you use “GOLD” in coin name? Hubert: “GOLD” word has no deeper meaning here. MZI is an older token, that was swapped for MZG. MZI is now defunct and being swapped according to a set of rules.

How many investors have invested in Moozicore thus far? Hubert: We have over 1000 MZG token holders at the moment.

Does the 1000 token holders include investors, bounty & airdrop participants? Hubert: No, these are all direct investors. Tokens haven’t been released yet for bounty participants.

Do you have any partnerships with famous singers or music making companies upcoming in the future? Hubert: It will be revealed in the future, just before our product launch in the U.S.

Will you: 1) Postponing exchange listing again? 2) Postpone the token unlock? And if ICO hardcap is not reached, will you postpone everything again? Hubert: Hi, the answer for both your questions is “NO”. The exchange listing and MZG tokens unlock won’t be postponed.

What was the reason to give 50% bonus to the presale investors when they converted to MZG? Adam: Our goal was to award all of our Early Contributors and at the same time to encourage them to take part in MZI to MZG conversion process.

When will you release the official app? How much does it cost per vote, is it always pegged to: 1 vote = 1 MZG? Hubert: Hi, according to our roadmap official release is scheduled on Q1 2019. Cost per vote is $0,05. 1 Vote = 1 MZG only if MZG price on exchanges is lower than $0,05, if higher, the vote price in MZG will be adjusted accordingly.

It’s so exciting that I see someone like John McAfee’s reputation apart of your team. Is he still in the team? It seems to me that, he can help of millions followers on Twitter and other social networks can play a huge role in raising investors, but it does not seem to have played much of it because the number of investors should be much more than lane because this is a unique project in my opinion. Adam: John McAfee is still our ICO Advisor. Thank you for your good words and positive attitude to our project.

When will airdrop tokens be unlocked?

Hubert: Tokens from airdrop will be unlocked during the same time as the rest of the tokens, right after the ICO ends. Unlock date will be 3 June 2019.

What’s your strategy to make MZG’s price stable on exchanges? Or its only depends on market sentiment, buyer and seller?

Hubert: Please take a look at our announcement about MZG Burning Program which will be released right after product launch:

What plan are there to increase the demand for MZG token in the future?

Hubert: If you mean improving demand for our MZG token please read Burning Program announcement above in this Q&A (link is above).

Do you have a plan to sell copyrighted music in the future? Like selling music tracks on Apple and etc.?

Hubert: Hi, No, Moozicore is based on streaming music providing and we’re not going to sell track via our platform.

When is the approximate date for the China launch? Hubert: Launch in China is planned for Q1 2020.

What makes you think that under the same market conditions you will sell tokens with the new ICO extension, if you haven’t sold them already in the last few months? Repeating the same thing looking for a different result is a sign of madness, no? Adam: Please take a look on our last Medium announcement where we indicated all the reasons why we decided to extend our ICO. All efforts we going to make to reach and complete our ICO successfully are outlined here:

Adam (CEO of Moozicore): Thank you, everyone for all your questions and for being a part of Moozicore. We were glad to answer them. Please stay tuned and follow our social media channels for more Moozicore updates!

Q&A Ends


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