Design your garden with Innovative Designs | Michelle Mopkins

If your garden has become boring or if you are just feeling too adventurous to add life to your garden, Michelle Mopkins landscaping ideas will surprise you. She is well-known name as a Chief Executive Officer in D & M LANDSCAPING, INC., having 30 years of experience in this field. She is also an Inventor and Developer of Autibott.

She is passionate about landscape designs. She believed in the magical powers of flowers and their beauty. Her designs can make your experience more relaxing with her beautifull landscape design. She craves for innovative designing in beautiful flowers and landscape. It doesn’t matter you need designs for a large or small area, she satisfies you with her superior, friendly and trustworthy services.

People will always seek better, faster and smarter ways to accomplish an everyday task. Fortunately for entrepreneurs like Michelle Mopkins, she realizes there are still lots of room for improvements in all businesses. That said, the biggest issue for most founders is finding these painful problems and matching them with the best solutions.

For example, Michelle explains as a past owner of a Landscaping Corporation her struggle sand frustrations in having to turn down customers due to hedge and shrub trimming being time and cost consuming. She explains that’s her research began from there.

The landscaping Industry has unique needs and requirements, and by far the tools designed to help aid in the process of increasing profit and productivity for the Landscape Industry haven’t been met until now! An innovative breakthrough for the Landscape Industry is here. Soon the World will be able to meet Autibott, the newest crew member in the Landscape Industry.

Autibott’s design came after years of extensive research into the Landscape Industry and its needs on how eliminating the time spent on hedge and shrub trimming could help in no only gaining New Customers but achieving the maximum in productivity.

Autibott is an autonomous hedge trimmer strategically designed by Michelle Mopkins and developed by her team of brilliant Mechanical, Technical and Software Engineers, designed with The State Of The Art Technology including cameras, torque sensors, calculating system, navigation system and alarm system, as well as the latest in AI Software.

Autibott is designed primarily for the Landscape Industry for the purpose of increasing profits and productivity along with changing the way the World does landscaping. Autibott was inspired by my daughter Auti, who is my crew member which allows me to be hands-free and increase productivity. Autibott was created to coexist with humans, yet operating on its own as a crew member maintaining the fast, precise, and detailed job of hedge and shrub trimming. Autibott is a must have. A revolution in the Landscape Industry! Autibott offers great speed and trimming accuracy which helps to quicken the dreadful, tedious and time-consuming job of hudge and shrub trimming.

Michelle Mopkins focus on both landscape architect and specific garden design of landscape elements and plants within it while making landscape designs.Michelle Mopkins proficient in shaping the trees and shrubs into magical shapes. She amazingly add-on modern touch inform of art and rediscover trees with topiary designs. She believes that some natural beauty around us and planting trees, flower gardens, and investing in topiaries is indeed the best option we can work out. So, Autibott, an autonomous hedge trimmer created for the Landscape Industry for the purpose of increasing productivity, cutting cost and changing the world all at the same time.

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