Much of What You Think You Know About the Yemen War … Is Wrong
War Is Boring

““Early on, Ansar Allah’s demands might have sounded perfectly reasonable. It wanted an end to its own economic disenfranchisement, political marginalization and discrimination as well as to the outright conversion of ever-larger parts of Yemeni society to Saudi-style Wahhabism.”

“But since taking over the capital of Sana’a in September 2013, the Houthis’ rule has increasingly been characterized by violence against any sort of political opposition. Indeed, the methods of rule they apply in the parts of Yemen under their control are as bad as those of the most oppressive Middle East regimes.””


The two paragraphs are written as though they contradict, they don’t.

It’s like writing: “Early on AA wanted to reinforce their homes with fire, but since then all their homes burnt down instead.”