It’s the way things are going.
Business Cat

The Chinese J-31’s rearward visibility doesn’t look any better than the F-35's because the J-31 IS the F-35, effortlessly stolen by the Chinese government through cyber warfare.

Its double edged sword, they got the F-35’s advantages and its weaknesses. But I suppose that’s what you get for copy pasting your way to an 5th gen fighter China, you cyber espionage conducting, intellectual property thieving pieces of shit.

But seriously someone fix the US’ poor cyber security so we aren’t fighting bootleg US fighter jets in the opening hours of armageddon, all because some dipshit Lockheed contractor clicked on a “GET BIG PENIS!!!” email and had all his files downloaded to a server in China instead.

All that aeronautic and design acumen but our most brilliant aerospace engineers still don’t know how to internet.

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