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Mountain East Medical Center

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Friday, Oct. 13


Bob Wilkinson to step down and welcome familiar face into his role.

After serving as Assistant Head of the Purchasing Department for 13 years, Johnny Toler is now being promoted to Department Head.

With a background in pharmacy, Toler began as a assistant druggist in the hotel pharmacy and was moved to the purchasing department in 1978, after the pharmacy closed, and worked as an assistant.

As a farewell to the previous Department Head, Bob Wilkinson, Toler gave the following statement: “This hospital means a great deal to me and my family, and I will give my best efforts to making our purchasing department the best. I learned from a fine man — Bob Wilkinson — and I hope I can continue to build on the foundation he established.”

Boilerplate: Mountain East Medical Center is Central Virginia’s primary source of healthcare. With a new leader, the Medical Center will become even more of a reliable source.

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Monica D. Oquendo

Liberty College

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Students can rest assured that tuition costs will become bearable.

After years of increasing tuition costs, the president of Liberty College has issues a statement: “I am extremely pleased that the board has seen fit to follow our recommendations on lowering tuition costs.” He goes on to say that the out-of-state students had been hit hard with tuition costs, but their tuition will now decrease by 10 percent.

Overall enrollment increased at the university in the last five years from 14,500 students five years ago to 16,275 this year. This most likely has to do with the dropping figures of the cost of tuition.

The president goes on to say “With more and more people attending junior colleges and other universities in the state, we have recognized that those who want to come to this university must have some relief.”

Boilerplate: Liberty College is a school who strives to give their students the best in academic and spiritual growth. The changes being made are being made with the sole intent of benefiting the students. Liberty College will continue to strive to include all aspects of academic and spiritual learning, included with the decreased tuition.

Soundcloud Lecture Notes — 4 parts to PR

Public Relations: Using News media to persuade people in a way that is earned, not payed.

  1. Research — Formal or Informal, Find out everything about client; ex: mailing out survey, survey on bottom of receipt, Focus Groups & reward with payment
  2. Planning — Be specific, Who to communicate with & How the communication will take place, memorable goals (impact & output objectives) ,<- Way to measure success for a plan,
  3. Communication — Constant, Through Social Media, Email, Mail, Face-to-face, Web posts, News Release
  4. Evaluation — Critically look at plan and measure success, Learn and grow rom experience