or “An Unexpected Turn of the Screw”

Imagine that it’s the late 1800s, and you are a manufacturer of pocket-knives. You have a loyal customer base that really loves your product — and your knives are proven performers in the marketplace. But, you’ve noticed a curious thing: an increasing number of your most faithful clients have been…

Mastering the keyboard is essential for getting the most out of Moqups Beta. So here’s a handy list of all shortcuts you can use:


⌘A selects all objects on stage. Esc deselects all objects.

⌘D duplicates the selected objects. ⌫ (Backspace) deletes the selected objects.

Arrow keys move the selection…


A streamlined & intuitive web app that helps you create wireframes, mockups, diagrams & prototypes for any type of project. Check us out: https://app.moqups.com

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