Clockwork City, Responsive City, Predictive City and Adjacent Incumbents
Dan Hill

Hi Dan! I saw your post via the Medium “recommender” magic. Don’t you love how reposts, shares, “likes”, etc. can make older content new again? I decided to read this post because I’m newly interested in predictive analytics. My interest is prompted by being a new employee at PredPol. :) When I clicked through to your post, I didn’t expect to see PredPol referenced! Yay, cool — thank you! However, I was disappointed to see it was lumped together with Chicago’s use of heat-mapping for specific crime offenders. I felt the need to clarify that PredPol does not use any personally identifiable information. Our predictions are based on timestamp, location, and type of crime only. I looked at the timestamp of your Medium post — 2 days ago — and felt even more urgency to comment with this correction. Then I got to the bottom of your article to see this was a reprint from over one year ago. So, my urgency to correct is less, but it still felt important. Thanks for reading. :)

I greatly appreciated your article overall. Just a few days ago, I was talking with a friend via Facebook about the phrase “sharing economy” and how it’s being applied to the services you describe. Some other friends chimed in with their concerns about how these new services skirt or bypass regulations, and wondering the future holds. I liked learning about the idea of “adjacent incumbent”. I think my friends on the other thread may also appreciate your article. Thank you for taking the time to share these thoughts with us!

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