Better wear some low-tops because you need ya Footloose!

Footloose being such a getup and cheer type of movie about teenagers in a conservative little town made everyone want to dance. Ren McCormack, played by Kevin Bacon moved from Chicago to a sleepy, conservative little Midwestern town. After having lost a couple of teenagers the town of Bomont decided to make it against the law for the youth to listen to rock music and dance. Ren, of course, did not know this when moving to the town but after getting in trouble for his music and dancing he begins to have a bit of animosity towards the leaders of Bomont. Throughout the film, Ren becomes friends with Ariel, Willard, and Rusty, who is played by Sarah Jessica Parker, who together try to get the town to get rid of the laws against rock music and dancing by having a senior dance to show that they can still be responsible.

The theme that this film gives off the most is: keep trying no matter what.

The film had a couple big name actors in the movie which includes Sarah Jessica Parker, John Lithgow, and Kevin Bacon. Sarah Jessica Parker plays Rusty, best friend of Ariel and girlfriend to Willard. Her performance in the film can be compared to the charm of her character in Failure to Launch who also has the innocence that her character in Sex and the City doesn't. Now Lithgow’s character is the father of one of the teenagers who died in the accident as well as the reverend who pushes for it to be illegal to listen to rock music and dance. His character resembles his characters in The Crown and in Beatriz at Dinner in the sense that he plays a character big to the plot and that his characters are all rather intimidating. Finally, Kevin Bacon plays the main character, Ren McCormack. In the film, he carries the same swagger and charm as he does in the film Picture Perfect.

The theme that this film gives off the most is: keep trying no matter what. Throughout the film, Bacon’s character Ren tries time and time again to fit in with the social norms of the town so he joins the gymnastic team at the high school and gets a job. He his continuously rejected from being kicked off the team to the reverend saying he does not trust him. McCormack reveals to his mother the real reason why he is really pushing for change in Bomont. He talks about his childhood with his father and admits to his mom that he thought that if he were to change his ways and act better around the house that his dad would not have left them. His mom from that moment forward pushed Ren to go to the council meeting and bring this issue up to the town. He had the students show up to the meeting who were in support of the idea.

This film has a cultural significance because the town is seen to have religion playing a big role in their politics. That is surprising since realizing that the U.S. was built on the fact that church and state were to be separate. Since in the film the small conservative town of Bomont allowed for them to join some of the laws seem ridiculous to an outsider. That is significant because there are still many small towns around the United States where this is the case. For example, a friend from a small town in Wisconsin said that if one were to watch this film one would understand his childhood and his mothers. He spoke about how they were only allowed to listen to religious music and how it was weird if someone were to be dancing at events or even holding their significant other’s hand in a public setting. He also said that his mother had to smuggle tapes into her house even after she was married in reference to the part in the film when Ariel plays her smuggled tape at the restaurant in the parking lot.

If you are trying to watch an upbeat movie proving that believing and pushing for change can actually bring it about this is definitely the one. What can be believed that adds to the theme of the film is that typically when someone thinks about change they picture it being brought by an adult which in this film is not the case. This film empowers the youth reminding them that they too can bring about change whether that be moving hills or mountains. Also, who doesn’t love to dance? Watch Kevin Bacon show off his cool moves whether it be in a random warehouse, a country bar or the senior prom!