I Don’t Know What The Worst Part Is

In response to ‘Missouri Votes to Let Employers Fire People Who Use Birth Control’.


I don’t know what the worst part is.

Is it the fact that this is PROFOUNDLY IGNORANT? At least 50% of my girlfriends in early high school were on birth control because of actual medical reasons, including one friend who suffered EXTREME blood loss from her periods?

Is it the fact that this is BLATANTLY RELIGIOUS? There is no non-religious argument that equates preventing conception with murder?

Is it the fact that there WILL be more need of abortions if women feel unsafe using birth control?

Is it that Viagra is still covered by insurance and NO ONE in power is questioning that in any way?

Is it the fact that we keep criminalizing women even though the VAST VAST VAST VAST MAJORITY OF MURDERERS ARE MEN! This is saying that because medication ONLY applies to women no “powerful people” will have a problem with it. And THEY consider women to be fuck slaves to their husband-masters and the only way to hold women in that situation is by obstructing them at every turn to force them to be barefoot and pregnant and out of the decision-making realms which is advantageous to their crimes because also they know that women in power will hold them accountable for being amoral greed-monsters actively destroying the future for a few more zeros in their bank account — see the female Republican senators from Maine and Alaska.


And if anyone says “oh, it won’t make it into law,” first of all, it very well might. Second of all, if your state senate passed a bill that said that anyone accused of rape at all they will immediately get their dick chopped off, you wouldn’t feel safe or equal or respected! You’d be freaking the fuck out! And if you say that there will be lawsuits, that’s not going to help the ladies fired or evicted in the meantime while they litigate for years. So…. this is some bullshiiiiiiit and I hope that every young person steps up and takes an active role in getting all these old fuuuuuucks out of power and then passes a million bills about how all the Republicans who served in congress from 2012 to 2018 get NO FUCKING HEALTHCARE and NO FUCKING HOUSES and GET ALL THEIR DICKS CHOPPED OFF as applicable and can only be exempt by unanimous vote by ALL citizens in the entire country. #politicalfantasies

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