I Love UBI

The most reasonable Republicans I know are Capitalists because they are convinced of the veracity of this statement: if people don’t get paid huge amounts of money, they do not have incentive to do anything. The premise being that people are completely motivated by dollars and that they will sit in front of the couch and die if left to their own devices. I do NOT buy it. If we instituted UBI, it’s not like not working would be “living the life” or something. It wouldn’t be a dream come true. It would just be guaranteed housing and food. That’s it. But importantly, people are motivated by FAR more than money as evidenced by the fact that 200 years ago, billionaires or even the equivalent didn’t exist! Yet progress was still made. Why? Because people are motivated by their own creativity and curiosity and for the social capital. The latter is the most important because really, it isn’t actual money that serves as a safety net, it’s other people. If everyone else died, is Dump still a billionaire? No, because there’s no one to buy anything from, nothing to buy, no one to do anything for him. If you’re a billionaire and you have no friends, are you satisfied? No! Nor do people invent things or become social servants for money. Maybe some doctors now, but the people who began the profession — the very idea — of medicine were NOT making big money and able to buy like… all the fucking coconuts or whatever. They were naturally curious about plants and people and they were motivated by their ability to keep others from dying. Up to now, did Bill Gates invent the computer for the money? No!

Additional point. Does this make sense? Less jobs are available because of automation, a human ingenuity that exists from years and years of research and engineering by thousands and thousands of people, taught by more thousands of people, fed by their working parents who got food from thousands and thousands of farm workers, who transported that food on roads and in vehicles created and designed by thousands and thousands of people using resources discovered, mined and handled by thousands and thousands of people. This SEEMS like it should be a major advancement that would enable people to work less for our collective survival, but instead it’s killing people because there isn’t enough need for people to put in 40 hours of work per week, and without that completely arbitrary and needless about amount of work, you literally do not deserve to live.*

*Unless you inherited your wealth, in which case we assume that you are completely entitled to never work because your parents must have contributed to society SO HARD that none of their semen has to contribute ever again. But they are still entitled to make money OFF OF money and they do NOT have to pay any service or penance if said wealth was achieved through illegal or unethical means. Children only inherit good things and not evil. Also, that work that was so valuable to humanity was gambling people’s money and “making decisions” over $100 lunches.

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