I might THINK my body is my body but…

No… it IS my body. I eat with it, read with it, learn with it, sleep with it, shit with it, clean up up the blood that pours from it, do my job with it, have sex with it, and generally live with it 24/7 and have since before I was born (since my mom was still graciously “hosting” me). And you know what, possession is 9/10th of the law and that last 1/10 is I DARE you to come over here and pry it away from me! It is MY body and until you extract my fucking BRAIN from it, I will always know that it is mine. It is more mine than any land belongs to any person. It is more mine than any company or business belongs to our cheeto-in-chief, it is more mine than any other thing that I possess. It is my body as much as his body is his. If I can’t harvest organs he’s “hosting” to foster someone else’s life, than he can’t harvest me of anything in my body either! 
All this aside, this law was about making a woman seek permission from the “father” (read: man who (brilliantly?) came inside a fertile woman) to gain access to an abortion. What does that have to do with being a good hostess? That law is saying that women are inherently are worse decision-makers than any man who is capable of cumming inside her. I’m going to need to see the proof. I’m going to need mountains of research on this claim before we codify it into law. Let’s start with the fact that women, generally, ONLY kill human DNA before it has stopped being a part of them, and men kill EVERY FUCKING ONE with no such excuse as “it was literally inside me, feeding off my body.”

Seriously, ladies. No matter how you feel about when life begins, we must all see that all of this legislation is designed to criminalize sexually active women. Please see this. Please see that the motives of these men couldn’t POSSIBLY be for the sake of human life because they PRIMARILY serve to financially trap women with whomever jizzed inside of her. The people pushing anti-choice legislation NEVER push legislation that serves mothers or children after birth, nor legislation that serves women who unattached to a man (in fact, they call them welfare queens). (I know that’s a very broad generalization and I welcome any and all examples to the contrary). These men legislators are hijacking your good, motherly emotions and using you as their “army for life.” Please hold them accountable for more than just getting every fetus to the first breath. I beg you. We CAN reach a compromise. We CAN get crazy about preventing abortions (with education and birth control), but I can’t be on your side until you see what I do. That the legislators you’re backing think women BELONG to them. That women’s bodies are not their own. That women are also children and can’t make decisions. I cannot compromise with a team that inherently doesn’t respect me as an adult.

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