I Really Need Moderate Democrats to Just Stop

In response to ‘Congressional Democrats Warm to Bernie Sanders’s Agenda’.

As always, we’ve got two parties in each party.

1) We’ve got the extreme radical right, symbolized by the libertarian billionaires who have spent the last 40 years funneling their enormous funds into think tanks and private foundations with innocuous and unrelated names perpetuating a religious devotion to free market capitalism and holding hands with the far poorer, more sheltered people who believe the rapture is coming and have a few criteria they need to vote for so god takes them (abortion and, somehow, deregulation of businesses).

2) We’ve got the moderate right, symbolized by people who are just “uncomfortable” with people they are not exposed to, enjoy the idea of tradition, and who have benefited by Capitalism personally and think that their prosperity is exclusively due to business advances and don’t see that Capitalism primarily serves people who started with money and are seen as “correct” (white, cis, male) in our society, and that part of their prosperity is from Democratic socialism which provides most of what we take for granted — educating people to be able to work and even function in society, creating all the infrastructure and services that we consider to be rights, and giving people cushion to break their fall when experiencing hard times which allows them to not be desperate staunching that potential catalyst of criminality.

3) We’ve got the moderate liberals who personally benefit from big business and investments, but also know the aforementioned costs that would come without preserving Democratic socialism and a sensitivity to the plight of others who are unlike themselves. They are primarily characterized by super-willingness to compromise.

4) We’ve got the progressive left who see the absurdity of the income disparity and the way our country values money over people, and the types of jobs and services that are most rewarded, and where those rewards ultimately wind up, and they recognize it as a ruse to maintain and codify our American caste system by the people who assume the most power under it. Oh, and also these are the ones that are scared SHITLESS about the environment.

The Democrats have to be united before November of 2018 and definitely by 2020, which is not only when we choose the next President, but also when we do another census! If Repubs are in control, they will gerrymander the fuck out of everything like they already have, and we’re going to be in even worse shape. So uniting is key. But if the two parties used to be primarily represented by #2 and #3 people, the Republican ideology now is firmly in the bat-shit arena of the #1 category and we CANNOT compromise with crazy. We cannot be lenient about “alternative facts.” We cannot compromise about the threat of Climate Change. We cannot further enrich the truly TINY number of exorbitantly rich bastards who are so far removed from reality and absolutely think they are literal better and more deserving people and that not pursuing wealth at all costs makes you a chump. A TINY number of those people are pulling some HUUUGE ideological sway in this nation and they need to be dethroned.

The point is, the Democrats need to get on the Bernie ideology train. That is where the inspiration lies. You’re not going to get anyone hungry for compromise in this environment. You’re better off going full force and inspiring liberal people to go out and vote rather than trying to bring Republicans over issue by issue. We can honor them by protecting them and their lives and livelihood when we are back in power. We do not need to coddle their misguided or ignorant ideas. And I do say this with authority. Look at the states that have implemented the most conservative policies. In Louisiana you’ve got extreme, murderous pollution in the face of rampant degregulation. In Kansas, massive tax cuts that did not spur revenue or growth but rather created a huge deficit stalling infrastructure projects (and the jobs that come with it) and creating a huge education crisis. Mississippi is the worst state in the nation on like… 40 levels. Texas has doubled it’s maternal mortality rate (the nation as a whole has gone up in maternal mortality, unlike most other developed nations). Whereas California, which was considered ungovernable a decade ago, has invested in the environment and infrastructure and now has the 6th largest economy in the world (also the only state in the nation in which maternal mortality rates went down). We’re ready to take the plunge on a CA single-payer health system and if we set this example, we’re gonna need all the Democrats on board with this direction to move our country forward. There is no other way. There is no time to waste. And the people in power on the other side are too far gone to pretend otherwise.

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