If Prostitution Wasn’t Illegal

Women are better at communicating. Women are better at cooperating. Women are better at listening. Women are safer to be around for both other men and other women in a myriad of ways. If prostitution wasn’t illegal (which it is only because of patriarchal religion), women would have all the money supplying the most demanded desire that most people have. Women are the reason every single person on this Earth is alive. Men are in control because they have always had more leisure time because they don’t have to do all of the ASSUMED labor of the house and raising children and because they can more easily be removed from their own humanity and mob together to get really violent and destructive. Women are the reason society IS a society. Don’t piss on me and call it rain, motherfucker! We only “need” them because they don’t pay us enough to get food now that we’re in a society, but back in hunter-gatherer times, women gathered 70% of the calories for their tribe. They actively hold us hostage this way, because it’s the only way they can “own” a woman for their own selves.

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