Let’s Make Our Own Goddamn Justice!!

Uuuuuugh! I wish I believed in Hell so that I could know in my heart that all these ASSFUCKMONSTER HOLES would burn! You know, the people literally signing death warrants to poor people right this second? Because some billionaire gave him a few fucking pennies of his wealth! But alas, I’m pretty sure they’re just going to die of old age. FUCK!

You know, I stopped believing in my religion BECAUSE I stopped believing in Hell. I was 9-years-old, learning about Hell in my Catholic school, and I wracked my brain trying to think of anyone I thought deserved to go to Hell and I couldn’t think of anyone! And I couldn’t imagine any sort of great God not understanding that intentions aren’t the same as actions, that people really do believe things that are unconscionable to me but… really seem true to other people, and I didn’t think anything warranted an eternity of terror and awfulness. And honestly, even though I feel so murderous about this handful of billionaires’ claims about how much they deserve, if I had my druthers, I wouldn’t kill them. I would send them to wealth-hoarder rehab. It would be exactly like regular life for everyone else and they would feel tortured by it purely by their own entitlement in their own minds while everyone else found joy in the very same experience. And maybe over time they could rejoin society, understanding that they are one person and they deserve 1/7.5 billionth of the human resources just like everyone else. That’s what I would do if I was a benevolent dictator. But unfortunately, that’s not going to work out…

Side note: You know all these billionaires AND CONGRESS have all sorts of survival bunkers and shit everywhere, right? Because the people who destroy the world, the old fucking white dudes who leveraged the ENTIRE WORLD on their own greed, will be the ones who survive any apocalypse we have. So… justice isn’t real. But RISING UP IS! Let’s make our own goddamn justice!!

If I was God, all my wrath would go towards the greedy. All of it. I cannot think of a more grievous sin in my heart, I cannot think of a more disgusting trait.

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