On Climate Change

Fighting against the validity of climate change is fighting against the validity of education and professionals and the scientific method and the foundation of our current modern society. If you don’t believe in the reality of science, then what is your phone? What is your microwave? What is our entire military arsenal? Don’t tell me climate change is dubious religion but hydrogen bombs are fact. It’s the same scientific method. It’s extremely intelligent people studying for years and becoming experts in their field. If you don’t trust them, I want you to break your bones and consult no one about it. I want to clip wires on your car and see if you can drive anywhere without professional help. I want you to pilot a plane on your own. I mean, do you even believe in planes? How can you even tell me people are autistic if you don’t believe in science? You MUST trust professionals in this society. Rejecting the research, observation, experiments — — that is rejecting modern life. Science is not flawless, but it never claims to be. Science is not asking you to idolize it or accept it’s infallibility. It is asking that you support your rejection of a theory with evidence-based reason. That’s all. Sounds like the fucking OPPOSITE of religion to me.

This is some DEEEEPLY ignorant shit. Beyond. We can’t be so far gone as this.

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