“Political Correctness” Doesn’t Impede Free Speech

“Political correctness” doesn’t impede free speech. 
1. You will not be locked up for what you say, no matter what you say, in America. There is no level of political correctness that will have you arrested. You are FREE to say whatever you want. 
2. Other people have the freedom to react to what you say however they want. If what you say is alienating or generally jerky, and people want to challenge your words or they don’t want to do business with you or they don’t want to listen to you anymore, that is their right. 
3. When you say “hey, don’t call me a racist or sexist or homophobe! You don’t know me! I’m not the same as everyone else and you are being divisive!” it is an assertion of individuality. You are saying “I am being misrecognized for ideas I do not espouse based on my white skin and where I live.” This is a constant state for minority people. They are regularly misidentified as identical to everyone in a homogeneous group you have assigned them to, and they are saying “no! See me as an individual! I make my own choices.” So when you say people are too sensitive about political correctness, and in the same breath insist that people are being too divisive by calling you a racist when you’ve never even said the n-word, that is deeply hypocritical. Political correctness is an assertion that people are individuals and should not be assigned the stereotypes of the group you feel they belong to unless they prove they personally embody those stereotypes. Political correctness aims to identify language and assumptions that are particularly painful to certain groups of people to let you know about the ways you could be a jerk unknowingly. And as more and more people are given a voice, we will find more and more ways that we have been unintentionally hurting them or marginalizing them.

Someone calling you a sexist or racist upon meeting you is acting politically incorrect. It hurts. Take that feeling and apply it to others. Use your empathy

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