I Believe That Climate Change is the Biggest Threat to Our Country and Humanity

In response to the Joint Statement regarding the Clean Power Plan By the Governors of Washington, Oregon and California, and the Mayors of Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Oakland and Los Angeles.

I believe that Climate Change is the biggest threat to our country and humanity. Men wanting their coal jobs is NOT a good enough reason to destroy our planet. Investing in fracking and other oil techniques instead of clean technology because they already own all the oil refineries is NOT a good enough reason to destroy our planet. When we start having constant Katrina’s and thousands of climate refugees, the economy and people’s jobs will be MORE fucked. The people making these decisions are playing a short game because they’re going to die in a decade or two and their children will exclusively inherit their wealth and not their crime. For the townies who lose their jobs, I am 100% willing to support their livelihood with my taxes until they find another employment option. I know that sounds trite and easy and I’m not saying that it is, but that is the consequence of Capitalism. Plus, it’s still asking for handouts if you insist on your entitlement to a certain job because that’s what your family has been doing for generations. They just think welfare handouts are insidious and bespeak laziness, but corporate welfare or corporate coddling is just hard workers asserting themselves.

Also, we solved a BIG health crisis when we started tackling pollution. And considering the mounting one we’re about to face, we shouldn’t add poisonous air, water and food to the equation! And ya know what, working with coal sucks and makes you die young.

Wealth is comprised of resources + labor. We won’t have resources anymore if industry fucks up the environment and we won’t have labor if pollution kills them (and other institutions like health care and education are dismantled). If coal and oil companies had to pay to clean up all of the mess their products make, then they would have the more expensive, unviable product. It’s not like the government is trying to punish people FOR making profit. They are trying to limit the toll these industries take on the environment and the people, who face the harshest consequences and the least profit for the decisions made by the CEOs. For renewable energy, all the cost is upfront but less cost on our resources and little to no clean up cost. As an employee of the people, the government is trying to help with upfront costs of what is clearly the superior method of attaining an energy utility.

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